In this section of the pages, Friedman mentions another flattener which is uploading. First he talks about companies like eBay and how normal people like us hold major part in keeping major sites running. He talks about the two major companies, IBM and Microsoft and how expensive they are in for people to use. While on the other hand regular public starts contributing to make software’s and keeps them uploaded for free through software foundations like Apache (later funded by Microsoft).  Friedman talks about the pros and cons of free software uploading. One pro is that regular public can now upload using their own ideas which can come out to be far more talented than specific chosen people who work for major companies. Also it is cheaper but at the same time is a bad news for major companies. Friedman talks about blogging and how it is growing more than ever in scale. Friedman gave an example of blogging which helped McEwen bring his gold rush business to success, thus stating how much blogging has been helpful and will defiantly take over in the future!…



This articals main point is that even though china is increasing in reputation of its economy, does not mean that it has left Americans below level. In fact according to the author, China’s “rise” helps America rise even more by giving it a wake up call. Americans start to work harder and statistics have shown that Americas progress continues to prove and makes it stay above the competition. For example “last year American componies exported more than $100 billion worth of goods and services to china”, this helped jobs grow more in America.  Also China’s military has become very stronger but americans keep a close eye on it and instead help them make it  better, at the same time keeping themselves a “Pacfic Power”. Americans in other words plays a smart game with the Chinese which helps in favor of America! China’s rise helps us Americans in a way that it teaches us how to make our strengths stronger than ever. Gives us idea that to keep maintaing our education, infrastructure and innovation in the same level that America is known for.

The World Is Flat: Summary from pgs. 51-77

The following pages introduced some of the flatners that Friedman had mentioned earlier about. One of the flattner is the fall of the Berlin wall. According the Friedman the fall of Berlin wall not only benefited Germany but changed how the world interconnected. After this flattner took place the world had now become more unified in a way that there were more exchanging of ideas, and it could now be called as a single market. Another flattner according to Friedman is the 8/9/95 when internet, Netscape, WWW came into usage for regular public. People now had easier access to information on almost any topic they wanted to know about. Also could easily connect with others through email and other sorts of websites. The basic languages for doing computer programming were used so standard languages could be set around the world to make it easier for all to connect internationally.  Friedman describes in details on the capacity available for us to use online and materials needed to make that capacity.

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