The World Is Flat (Chater 6)

In chapter 6, Friedman mainly talks about middle class, explaining “who and how” to survive and compete in the flattening world. First he talks about “the untouchables”. A Friedman definition of an untouchable can be “a job which will always be necessary for a specific place and cannot be outsourced or moved somewhere else”.  He gave examples of jobs that were safe or “untouchable”; jobs like Doctors, at lower level (plumbers, nurses, barber etc). They are necessary because they are public demand for all areas.

After, Friedman breaks down the chapter into different categories of people who are most likely to fit in this flattening trend. He talked about collaborators and orchestras in which different fields of business work together to benefit both. Afterwards he mentioned explainers. They have a major role in today’s marketplace since “if you explain the complexity well, you can see the opportunities better”. Perhaps it is very important to express products/ideas to have a successful business. Another category he mentioned was adaptors or “versatilists”. These people are very demanding in the flattening world. Since jobs move off shore and other’s move in within one’s country, being a veratilist is very handy. Having this quality gives a key to middle class jobs, because these are exactly the kind of people employers are looking for.  He talk about “Math Lovers”, in this category author explains how math is a must need for any type of middle job. Friedman quoted a saying “Choose Math…because you will meet it more and more in the future. Math becomes more and more important in all areas of work and scholarship”.  Indeed telling us that its significance is growing. Other categories were also mentioned that explained the importance of the “untouchables” All in all this chapter gave great tips that were interesting to help survive this flattening world.



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