The World Is Flat (185-232)

According to Friedman, steroids also take a big role flatting this world. First setting in mind the word steroids with technology is also hard since we all think of it in a science way that they help us energize our body. But here it’s a whole different story. According to Friedman these steroids “boost” communication in the world as well as better technology usage. Some steroids he talks about are computing, file sharing, VoIP and more. He explains these steroids in details and how they are helping people and businesses around the world. I also truly believe that these steroids have brought the world into a new direction and are some main ingredients in making the world flat.

Next Friedman talks about “The Triple Convergence”. All three convergences were the leading improvement of the previous one.  Friedman gave an example of series of process that airport tickets have gone through until the point where now that are fully electronic. He says that when all of these flattners and their success combine together it has a greater impact in the world. All these flattners have brought the world into a new phase, some countries have been drastically changed since their previous history. Such countries like China and India.  The education in these countries is on the role. The kids study day and night and they go to schools related to Engineering or Medicine.  They come to study in America for education which I believe is good and bad. How is America benefiting from teaching the international kids? Some of these kids go back in their countries and use all the education they were learned here to make their countries successful. At the same time international kids who come here stay here to help give back to this country. So therefore is a mix result!


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