The World Is Flat (pgs. 167-185)

In-sourcing  was the 8th flattner that Friedman discussed. He  specifically went in depth of the UPS chain. He mentioned some of the most shocking facts that people probably never knew. A person like me only took UPS as a shipping company. Turns out that UPS is far and beyond a typical shipping company. It has gotten efficient enough that it controls repairment for Toshiba computers, controls the food supply for some fast food restaurants and much more. UPS has not only taken over US but also has taken over globally, getting bigger than ever before. Perhaps telling us that companies can grow, have well reputation, if they play smart with the available technology just like the UPS for example.

(video includes an interview of an senior UPS worker who talks about how UPS is using technology for faster and reliable shipping)

The other flattner that Friedman talks about in the pages is “in-forming”. Search engines are taken for granted. A person should give credit to them since all information is within reach about anything/anytime. One famous example would be Google. Google has grown to be by far the most successful search engine. It helps us know almost everything we want to find out about. Google started in 1995 and brought its way up to a point where it “now processing roughly one billion searches per day”!.  Other engines like yahoo and MSN are also close to the same level. Never a person in the early 1900s would have thought that after several years the world would be at their finger tips.  Google now finds every possible way to satisfy  their user. For example when you get side ads you might have noticed that most of them are familiar to the stuff that you might have searched before on. That is because system monitors your moves and presents you with the stuff that will be helpful to you.  In other words these engines are becoming more efficient making them more and more popular in the eyes of users.


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