The World Is Flat (137-167)

Off shoring and Supply Chaining were two flatteners discussed in the given pages. The main country discussed by Friedman was china. He explained how china has grown to be a very competitive country which in result has pros and cons in stock for United States. Major companies send their work oversees to china since equal or better amount of work gets done for far less money. On the other hand WTO benefits from this sort from off shoring.  But sending jobs off shore is a loss of more jobs in America. If same companies keep their branches here it will open more jobs for us Americans who are in desperate need of one. Yes indeed for companies sending these oversees is cheaper but they should be knowing that more unemployment rates have increased in America. And if every company decreased their work oversees it would make a big difference in the unemployment rate in America. It will actually favor the American economy because when people have jobs they are most likely to spend money, bringing benefits back to their company. On the other hand, yes it will decrease the global economy but to do better in the global economy, a country has to have a certain economic level itself!

Friedman talks about Wal-Mart which uses technology to a point where it has become so successful that “If Wal-Mart were in individual economy, it would rank as China’s eighth-biggest trading partner”. This is a very surprising fact telling us companies can use supply chaining to boost their business if they play smart and use full level of connections and technology.


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