In this section of the pages, Friedman mentions another flattener which is uploading. First he talks about companies like eBay and how normal people like us hold major part in keeping major sites running. He talks about the two major companies, IBM and Microsoft and how expensive they are in for people to use. While on the other hand regular public starts contributing to make software’s and keeps them uploaded for free through software foundations like Apache (later funded by Microsoft).  Friedman talks about the pros and cons of free software uploading. One pro is that regular public can now upload using their own ideas which can come out to be far more talented than specific chosen people who work for major companies. Also it is cheaper but at the same time is a bad news for major companies. Friedman talks about blogging and how it is growing more than ever in scale. Friedman gave an example of blogging which helped McEwen bring his gold rush business to success, thus stating how much blogging has been helpful and will defiantly take over in the future!…


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