The World Is Flat: Summary from pgs. 51-77

The following pages introduced some of the flatners that Friedman had mentioned earlier about. One of the flattner is the fall of the Berlin wall. According the Friedman the fall of Berlin wall not only benefited Germany but changed how the world interconnected. After this flattner took place the world had now become more unified in a way that there were more exchanging of ideas, and it could now be called as a single market. Another flattner according to Friedman is the 8/9/95 when internet, Netscape, WWW came into usage for regular public. People now had easier access to information on almost any topic they wanted to know about. Also could easily connect with others through email and other sorts of websites. The basic languages for doing computer programming were used so standard languages could be set around the world to make it easier for all to connect internationally.  Friedman describes in details on the capacity available for us to use online and materials needed to make that capacity.


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